Marine Anti Foul Coating

Marine Anti Foul Coating

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Nanoman Gel Coat Polish and Seal for boats is a nano technology treatment for all Gel Coat surfaces. It is the perfect time saving polish for, above the water line boat Gel Coat Surfaces. It effectively combines boat polishing and sealing in same working process. Very easy to apply with no need for any additional treatments. Use on fibreglass, Gel Coat and boat surfaces.

Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul Coating is an advanced, high performance, LONG LASTING ONE COAT, coating formulated to generate an ANTI-OXIDATION, ANTI-FOULING and EASY-TO-CLEAN effect on metal and fibreglass / gel-coat (and other) surfaces. It is a thin, clear, and extremely smooth, nanotechnology enabled coating that inhibits the attachment and growth of most marine grasses, barnacles, and mussels. It can be applied to metal and fibreglass ship and boat hulls to provide better fuel economy and reduced cleaning.

Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul is a two component nanotechnology enabled coating mixed just prior to application that can be applied by spraying, brushing or rolling and produces an extremely slick and thin barrier between the water and the boat’s surface that reduces the adhesive ability of marine growth (algae, barnacles etc), and contaminants while generating a scratch resistant, anti-sticking and anti oxidising protection on metallic and fibreglass surfaces. Any fouling that does occur when the vessel is moored and not being used will be removed when the vessel is underway, offering a self cleaning effect.

This long lasting barrier between the boat surface and water allows the continued removal of marine growth without damage to underlying surface of the boat.

The invisible finish is abrasion resistant and will not yellow with age.

Unlike other anti-foul coatings that are designed to erode away, Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul attaches to the boat hull and reduces the ability of marine growth to foul a boat and what little growth that manages to attach itself to a boat can easily be removed with a sponge or pressure washer. It applies and dries quickly, with excellent adhesion properties.

Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul is ECO FRIENDLY as it does not contain heavy metals and does not rely on the anti foul eroding off a boats surface to keep it free from marine growth. It has almost no VOC’s and is kinder to the environment as it eliminates the need for harsh environmentally damaging chemical marine growth cleaners.

Advantages of Nanoman Nano Marine & Boat Anti Foul

  • Provides excellent abrasion resistance, lower surface friction and inhibits slime / barnacle / fungus build-up
  • Does not erode off the surface and contains no heavy metals
  • Easy to use one coat time saving application
  • Cost effective - less time out of the water, combined with smoother hull delivering fuel and emission savings
  • Prolonged protection over stationery periods and static fouling resistance
  • Suitable for all boat speeds including high speed

Applications for Nanoman Nano Boat & Marine Anti Foul

Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul is ideal protection for all GRP, Steel, Aluminium boats and, SS surfaces and Propellers. Including:

  • Motor yachts
  • Any boats that will be moored in water
  • Metal and fibreglass structures
  • Pleasure and racing yachts
  • Fishing Boats
  • Commercial Boats

In fact anywhere where marine growth is a problem

Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul is truly the 21st century COST EFFECTIVE solution to for boat owners in controlling the cost of removing marine growth.

Nanoman Marine Anti-Foul has an effective life of 12-18 months depending on how frequently the boat is used, where it lives and the harshness of that environment.

To ensure a boat is well protected we recommend the reapplication of Nanoman Marine Anti Foul every year to give maximum protection and to save you time and money in the long run. It does last longer but application every 12 months will ensure expensive repairs and maintenance caused by pushing anti foul coating beyond recommended times are reduced. Excessive growth becomes difficult to remove once the barnacles have adhered to a boats hull and in particular fibreglass boats can be damaged, causing costly repairs.

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