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Nanoman Universal is a unique and innovative moisture protection spray that protects metal, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and equipment from all forms of water (vapour, humidity, condensation, water, splashes, fog, rain, chlorinated water, flooding, burst water pipes, saltwater etc.)
Nanoman Universal provides the best corrosion protection in the world using the most advanced nanotechnology to deliver unparalleled results.
The protective coating provides restoration of performance and electrical conductivity of elements and units damaged by moisture. The spray prevents short circuits and breakdowns of industrial and consumer electrical devices, as well as significantly increasing the service life of the equipment.
Nanoman Universal spray features powerful protective, corrosion-preventative, lubricating and penetrative properties ensuring outstanding levels of protection and improved, long-lasting performance regardless of environmental impacts.
It poses no harm to metals, plastic, rubber, paint, ceramic components and electric engines and can be used in any industrial segment, regardless of production scale and specifics.


Nanoman Universal is suitable for all kinds of Electric Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Metal Surface or Wiring.
Nanoman Universal:

  • Displaces moisture, quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture induced short circuits, even when the surface is already wet.
  • Reliably insulates previously out-of order parts securing long term faultless operation under adverse conditions. 100% short circuit protection.
  • Cleans and gets under dirt, grease and soot, making it easy to wipe them away.
  • Protects: shields against rust, corrosion and water.
  • Has no adverse effect on standard plastics, rubber, glass, varnishes, ceramics or metals such as steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminium, copper, zinc, tin and brass and does not attack insulating varnishes.
  • Is not affected by surfactants, but can be with platinum cleaner, brake cleaner or alcohol.
  • Is not water soluble and does not emulsify.
  • Is insensitive to weather and temperature extremes. It remains completely effective at temperatures between -20 and +130°C.
  • Is easy to use, simply spray the area and wait 2 - 3 minutes for it to take effect.

Areas of Application

Nanoman Universal can be used wherever:

  • moisture, damp, humidity, condensation and flooding can cause or has already caused malfunctions and/or damage, to metal;
  • electric and electronic components and systems are to be protected from humidity and the damage it causes;
  • electric wires, contacts, electric motors, ignition-systems, windings, fuses, switch-appliances and switches, junctions boxes and signal-installations need moisture protection or insulation;
  • ignition problems are to be reduced, current leaks suppressed, electric contacts restored and/or malfunctions

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