Nanoman with its revolutionary anti graffiti coatings is your answer for the easy protection and removal of Graffiti from building and infrastructure assets.Nanoman has developed NON SACRIFICIAL long lasting, environmentally friendly Anti Graffiti Coatings for a variety of substrates including both porous (stone, concrete brick etc) and non porous (metal, stainless steel, plastic etc), which provide long lasting protection for almost any surface. It eliminates the need for costly repainting, repairs and labor-intensive cleaning.
If you’re a property owner or manager you know graffiti vandals can strike anywhere at any time-even in respectable areas where graffiti is rare. Graffiti vandals use a wide variety of pens, spray cans, and other implements. The cost of removal can quickly run into thousands-and even tens of thousands of dollars.With Nanoman anti graffiti coatings it’s now easy to protect buildings, signs, monuments and infrastructure from graffiti vandals. Our anti graffiti coatings make graffiti removal simple and quick without damaging the surface painted or otherwise. Quick removal is the best way to deter graffiti vandals, who will look for different targets when their “work” disappears quickly.

And in a major break through in anti graffiti protective coatings, Nanoman coatings require only ONE COAT and it sustains multiple graffiti removals using our specialty graffiti removal cleaner without the need to replace the anti-graffiti coating.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti Coatings are also ECO FRIENDLY as they eliminate the need for harsh environmentally damaging chemical graffiti removers. As an added bonus the coated surfaces becomes hydrophobic easy clean / self cleaning to normal environmental contaminants increasing the life of the coated item.

Nanoman Anti Graffiti Coatings eliminates the need for costly repainting, repairs and labour intensive cleaning. Nanoman is truly the 21st century COST EFFECTIVE solution to for contractors,councils, managers and property owners in controlling and eliminating Graffiti.

Benefits of Nanoman Non Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coatings

  • Makes graffiti removal simple
  • Only one coat required - Not two - Save on material and labour
  • easy application process by brush roller or spray
  • No second coat required - No double clean up - No wasted time waiting around to apply second coat.
  • Graffiti removal will leave no ghosting or shadowing
  • Graffiti can be removed multiple times; non sacrificial
  • Requires only environmentally friendly bio degradable citrus cleaner to remove graffiti
  • Saves time and money as no specialty graffiti removal companies are required, any person can remove graffiti
  • Speeds up graffiti removal; fast graffiti removal deters repeat attacks
  • Totally transparent, no change in appearance of coated surface
  • High weather resistance (will not yellow, peel or flake) and resistant to UV and salt spray
  • Helps protect surfaces from dirt and pollution with its hydrophobic easy clean / self clean hydrophobic properties.
  • Durable - up to 5 years protection

Applications of Nanoman Non Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Coatings

  • Concrete, brick and masonry surfaces
  • Painted surfaces (concrete or metal)
  • Metals and Plastics(inc bluestone, sandstone, granite etc)
  • Children’s play grounds
  • Public areas, Heritage Buildings and Council property
  • Signage, both painted and cut vinyl
  • Architectural specification when planning and building new projects.
  • Road and highway infrastructure (including freeway noise and retaining walls, overpasses, jersey barriers etc)
  • Public transport
  • Heritage buildings
  • Colourbond steel

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