Nanoman Gel Coat Boat Polish and Seal is a high end nanotechnology enabled treatment engineered to protect all fibreglass and gelcoat surfaces. It is the perfect time saving boat polish for, above the water line surfaces, although it also assists in providing protection against adhesion of algae and marine pollution to a boats hull making it easier to clean.
It can be professionally applied or for those enthusiasts with more time the nano boat polish can be easily applied as no special skill is required. It combines the polishing and sealing of a boat’s surface in the same working process. It is very easy to apply with no need for any additional treatments.
Nanoman Gel Coat Boat Polish and Seal protects and imparts an non-stick and easy-to-clean effect on Gel Coat surfaces, whilst at the same time giving a boat the ultimate protection against the elements. The applied product bonds with and produces a durable two-dimensional net matrix on the surface, which greatly reduces the ability of dirt, dust, water and other pollutants to stick to it. In fact, water readily pearls off the surface taking with it dirt and other pollutants. The ultimate boat polish
Nanoman Gel Coat Boat Polish and Seal is easy to apply and durable. It provides long lasting protection after just a single application. Once applied, a boat will require considerably less cleaning, which can be easily done with just water and a soft (micro fibre) cloth, without the need for chemical cleaning products.
In addition to providing an outstanding protective barrier against weathering, Nanoman Gel Coat Boat Polish and Seal will also refresh the existing boat surface and leave it with a deep high gloss shine. It maintains the appearance of a boat as well as potentially maximising it's resale value.
The polish provides 100% UV protection and is resistant to most washing detergents and cleaning chemicals.

Benefits of Nanoman Marine Boat Polish and Gel Coat Seal

  • Long lasting 12 to 18 months sealing and protection against weather stains, water, dirt, salt, grease, UV rays and debris
  • Quick and easy to apply. All in one product.
  • Polishes and Seals in the same working process
  • Creates a hydrophobic and protective barrier that repels liquids and dirt.
  • 100% invisible does not affect the appearance of the surface, leaves no marks or stains.
  • Provides easy-to-clean properties (little cleaning is necessary due to protective layer, dirt can be easily removed with a wet cloth or wash down)
  • Provides scratch and UV resistance
  • Lower maintenance costs due to enhanced and less frequent cleaning
  • Saves time and money on cleaning chemicals and detergent products
  • Helps protect the environment because of the large reduction of chemical cleaning products.
  • Maintains the boat looking good for a longer period of time with longer intervals between intensive cleaning
  • DIY hand or machine application
  • No dirt particles can embed into Gel Coat pores
  • Limits the growth of algae for boats left in the water

Applications for Nanoman Marine Polish and Gel Coat Seal

  • For use on all watercraft and gelcoat surfaces, to give a long-lasting, durable shine, providing exceptional water repellency and protection against the many degrading effects of UV light penetration, such as fading, ‘chalking’ and yellowing.
  • Suitable for all boaties from the casual enthusiast right up to the professional fisherman.
  • Boat detailers can add value to their existing clients by offering the application of Nanoman Boat Polish as a way of saving cleaning and maintenance time for their customers.
  • Compliments a Marine / Boat shops product range by offering a DIY Nano polish that until now has only been available to the major ship builders.
  • Recommended for use on new watercraft to keep that as new look for longer increasing pride in ownership and resale value.

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