Nanoman Solar Panel Coat is a nanotechnology enabled coating specially engineered for use on solar panels. Once applied it fundamentally changes the surface giving the surfaces hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties The coating's self-cleaning effect stops dust, pollen, pollution and bird faeces from sticking to PV panels, keeping them clean, maintaining their efficiency, ensuring the maximum amount of electricity is produced.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Water repellant (hydrophobic) and Dirt repellent (oleophobic)
  • Reduces cleaning frequency saving energy, time and cost
  • Dust and dirt are washed away with rainwater
  • Is resistant to salty environments
  • The water rolls-off the surface forming a Brushing Effect (Easy-to-Clean Effect)
  • Easy application through Spray
  • Material curing at atmospheric temperature.
  • Stable at varying Temperatures.
  • Ecologically beneficial and biologically safe.
  • Resistance against dirt, algae, scales etc.

Areas of Application

  • Fixed Solar Panels
  • Solar powered water pumps
  • Solar powers signs
  • Mobile Solar Panels
  • Hard to reach Solar Panels
  • Remote solar panels
  • Solar farms

Nanoman Solar Panel Coat differs from conventional water-proofing chemicals available at present. Conventional water-proofing chemicals are of soapy nature, coloured and are generally calcium salt or organosilane based and are unable to impart hydrophobic, anti-bacterial and thermal properties.

  • Solar panel typically consists of solar cells covered by a protective glass coating, and just like your car windshield – the longer it's outside – the more likely it will get dirty and need to be cleaned. Pollution, traffic dust, leaves and even bird droppings contribute to preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells in your solar panels.
  • The more dirt – the lower amount of electricity they will produce. While many factors affect how much electricity your solar panels will produce – dirty solar panels is one of the biggest. Experts agree that dirty solar panels don't produce as much power as clean panels. That loss may range as high as 25% to 30%.
  • Less contaminants on solar panels means less maintenance and higher overall energy production. Nanoman Solar Panel Coat creates a strong hydrophobic effect. Once water (from rain or a hose in dryer climates) comes in contact with the surface the water droplets simply roll off the surface taking dust and dirt with them. Panels stay cleaner for longer, ensuring maximum efficiency is maintained. They incur much lower cleaning costs and produce more electricity than the equivalent non-coated panels.
  • This nanocoating does not allow algae and scale formation as the ability of foreign particles to adhere to the surface is reduced. Performance is robust compared to fragile & low performance organic additives used in manufacturing conventional coatings used to prevent algae and scale formation.
  • With Nanoman Solar Panel Coat and watch your savings add up and reach your ROI faster. A 10% increase in power from a 300 kW system can results in around 40,000 more kilowatt hours of solar power every year. Alternatively dirty solar panels can cost you money and increase payback time by 3 to 5 years.

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