Nanoman Window and Glass coating is a Nanotechnology enabled glass coating, and once applied forms a thin layer on the surface with excellent roll-off behaviour for water, simplifying the removal of dirt and scaly residue. It reduces cleaning intervals, keeps glass cleaner between cleans and saves on costs of maintenance, by reducing the requirement to use harmful chemicals to clean glass.

Treated glass becomes hydrophobic with self cleaning / easy cleaning properties.

Benefits and Advantages of Nanoman Glass Coating

  • Water repellent (hydrophobic) and Dust repellent.
  • Protects glass from corrosion (acid rain etc.)
  • Easy application through spraying, polishing, immersion, smearing etc.
  • Optically neutral (colourless, transparent).
  • Curing at room temperature.
  • Stable at varying temperatures.
  • Low Cleaning and Maintenance requirements.
  • Retains the quality of surface.
  • Ecologically beneficial & biologically safe.
  • Resistance against dirt, algae, scales etc.
  • Saves time and money through self cleaning effect.
  • Environmentally friendly product as it reduces use of chemicals and saves water.

Areas of Application for Nanoman Glass Coating

  • Glass facades/ Glass roofs
  • Window panels/glass doors
  • Frosted glass
  • Decorative glass
  • Glass shower cabins
  • All exterior glasses
  • Architectural glasses
  • Shop fronts
  • Pool Fences
  • Glass Houses

Once Windows or Glass are coated with Nanomna water will form droplets and roll-off the glass surface and will not spread out into a uniform film.

  • The nanoparticles are incorporated into a ethanol base. The ethanol acts as a carring agent in spreading across the applied surface. Over the curing period, nanoparticles self-assemble across the surface and bonds with the surface. The ethanol evaporates over the curing period leaving only the nanoparticles that form a uniform thin layer of 50 – 60 nm over the surface. They formi a strong uniform bond with the glass. The life of the coating is very long, and visibley effective on a building facade for to 2 years. (Longer on new glass)
  • Windows and glass coated with Nanoman become super hydrophobic with rain and water beading and rolling off the surface taking away with it dirt, grim and other contaminants.
  • This glass coat is optically neutral and completely transparent.
  • Because of anti-adhesive properties, surface dirt does not adhere to the surface. It is easy-to-clean and remains stain-resistant.
  • Nanoman coated windows become anti-corrosive and highly resistant to acidic & alkaline solutions. It protects corrosion of glass from acid rain and also prevents the growth of algae and scales.
  • High resistance to scratches & abrasion.

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