Nanoman products will give you an advantage over your compeitors and provide your customers with savings by providing long lasting surface protection improving the look and life of most surfaces. Nanotechnology Molecular coatings feature improved surface coverage, reducing the amount of product needed to protect a surface and provide consistent surface coverage that does not allow anchor points for moisture, stains, mold or dirt.

Our Nanoman coatings and sealers provide surface protection for a variety of surfaces including glass, solar panels, polished stone, concrete, wood, metal, textiles, tile, stucco, block wall , and fully submerged surfaces. We have coatings that inhibit marine growth in fresh and salt water, allow for removal of graffiti and protect stone surfaces such as marble from harmful damage from acidic beverages and foods. We are concentrating on coatings using nanotechnology which are designed to make life safer healthier and save time and effort in cleaning.

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