Message From ENT's Management

Message From The Management of The ENT

In Mar 2014, Emirates Nano Technology celebrated its establishment as a hub in the UAE and the gulf region for the provision of services and products using Nano Technology. With increased growth and interest in our business, ENT is optimistic about its future in the region.

We are guided by three basic principles as the spirit of our foundation:

  • Create a business that is unique to the region
  • Develop growth into local production
  • Develop our import-based industry into an export-based industry

Our association with regional and global specialist in our core business of Nano Technology and bionic instruments is the engine of our growth. Nano Technology is becoming one of the most important facets of life style and social infrastructure as business indispensable in providing people with good health and a culturally advanced lifestyle, as well as to fueling the society with technological development.

Our Clients

We are establishing a broad base of clients in the sectors of:

  • Cleaning companies
  • Schools
  • Camp sites
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business Centers
  • Malls

We have established a very good reputation with those clients and we continue to grow.