About Us

Emirates Nano Technology (ENT) is a UAE established company formed in line with the vision of the UAE leadership to share the growth of the nation by introducing long lasting project initiatives that distinguish the UAE in the international arena as capable to undertake a leap step into the future.

The adjacent image in one of the prime locations of Abu Dhabi shows that grains of sand mixed with drops of water can turn out to be what you see today. At Emirates Nano Technology, we are depending on a technology that is truly based on drops of water.
 2014 is the year of our foundation and Step by Step, we will grow.

“Little drops of water & little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.” Julia Carney (an American writer and poet)
Our Vision

The vision of Emirates Nano Technology (ENT) is to plant the seed in the UAE for its future as an evolving organization that invests in the research and development of NANO related products and services through working with and understanding matter at the nano scale leading to a technical regional revolution that benefits the UAE and Gulf society.

Our Mission

ENT's current mission is to expedite the development, and deployment of NANO products in the UAE and Gulf region to serve the public and the commercial sectors through introducing NANO Technology products as lifestyle products that is suited to their interest.