Emirates Nano Technology sets itself as a provider of technological solutions for life style products and we have the following main categories of product lines:

Nano Technology Products Line

ENT focuses at present on the Nano Technology products related to protection of surfaces. Our line of products is for the protection of Glass, Fabric, and Ceramics/Stones. Emirates Nano Technology through its Nanoman product range offers the most comprehensive nanotechnology enabled surface coatings currently available. Nanoman products are all Eco-friendly and designed to provide maximum protection from water, mineral deposits, oil, dirt, fungus and mould on all new and existing surfaces. Nanotechnology is the future allowing you to SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Nanotechnology is rated as one of the key technology of the 21st century. The wow factor & the convenience factor is what makes us look up and take notice. Simply because it reinvents the way dust or water or oil interact with any material surface. It rewrites the rules of interaction, changes the atomic configuration of the surface, so that the end result is in your favor. Nano protection provides Easy Clean, Self Clean, Waterproofing by using Nanotechnology Enabled Surface Coatings.